CBSE Results 2022: Students trends Will CBSE listen?

The students of CBSE class 10th and 12th have started trending the hashtag #BestOfEitherTermsSubjectWise on twitter, demanding CBSE to choose the best of either term 1 or term 2, subject wise.

As the CBSE results 2022 release date nears, students who appeared in the CBSE class 10th and 12th examinations are worried about the weightage of both the term 1 and term 2 exams. The CBSE decided to hold the annual board exams over the course of two distinct terms for the current academic year. Board exams for term 1 were held in November and December, and those for term 2 were held in April and June.

The examination for Term 1 was objective in nature, while for Term 2 the exams were subjective. CBSE also released sample papers for both terms to provide a better understanding of the new exam pattern.

Many students have voiced their concerns about the weighting system in light of the Covid-19 situation from the previous year and the abrupt change in the board examination. They have also demanded that CBSE select the best marks from both terms by using the hashtag #BestOfEitherTermsSubjectWise, which has been trending over the past few days.

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